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What you don't learn in business school. 

The perks of working in a creative company is getting to learn the ropes of being a great designer, a brilliant branding guru, and a business advisor. No, I don't really recommend you hire a jack of all trades,

but it's important to talk to a person who knows the implication of deciding which area to start work, because you want to hit the sweet spot as soon as possible - getting the best effect for the effort.

Where are we now?

This the most common problem  my clients confide in me. They see their website needing a revamp, but they are struggling with copywriting because they have no idea if their content will match the new "look and feel" their boss is looking for. Or maybe grandfather says we

don't need a website because
our old customers "know us".

I always advocate "content precedes design", if you have no idea what you are offering creates a desire or solves a problem, how do you go about telling people about it?

Make a plan, but don't stick with it.

Every brand advisor's nightmare is moving three steps forward and taking two steps back. That being said, this point is about looking out for a witty and open 

minded brand or business advisor do that no mind the challenge of an occasional moving target - only because for a worthwhile cause.  

Train for the journey.

Training is not a new concept or topic in business. Training can range from service, product knowledge, skills to familiarity with the corporate brand. 

It is worthwhile to consider investing in personal branding and emotional competency.