Design a
Sustainable Business

Jingle's branding methodology covers 3 most important aspects any business needs to familiarise themselves with.

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Business in this context, is deemed as a tangible aspect, for the insights it brings from financial performance, market share and daily operational numbers give hard facts about the viability and health of the business.
Areas of Concerns:
- Business Model
- Barriers to Entry
- Change Management
- Implementing a Circular Economy within
- Competitors
- Human Resource
- Industry Trend
- Leadership Management
- Operations and Logistics
- Profitability
- Market Segmentation
- Succession Planning

Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it's decoration.

Jeffrey Zeldman


Forming part of the business, the brand conjures perceptions, evokes loyalty, and gives the business a soul and personality to begin with. Existing in tangible and intangible factors, the brand gives business authenticity so that all decisions are congruent to the vision and mission.

Areas of Concerns:
- Mission and Vision
- Brand Story
- Brand Architecture
- Brand Personality
- Brand Promise
- Naming and Tagline
- Design Template and Guidelines
- Primary and Secondary Colours
- Primary and Secondary Typeface
- Tone of Voice

“Everything should be made as simple as possible,
but no simpler.”

Albert Einstein


Designing the UX as an art and science. It is more than designing marketing collaterals and graphical illustrations on screen or paper. Design is a form of expression, and brings the brand to life by being relevant in response to business needs and demands, facilitating purchases and allowing ease of use of products and services. Simply put, creativity is about resolving needs, and delivery a great experience will help in top of the mind recall of your brand, and this is one aspect of the business you have greatest control of.

Areas of Concerns:
- Communication Channels and Platform
- Content Design
- Customer Journey and Touchpoints
- HR Training
- Interior Design
- Product Design, Functionality and Quality
- User Experience (UX) Design
- Sales Strategy and Script
- Sensory Experience

Brand workshop at Oceanic Group

Brand workshop at Oceanic Group

What’s in for me

Understanding these 3 areas will fast forward you to make better decisions for your business

You will be able to

1. Think and evaluate, looking at a bigger picture

2. Come up with better solutions faster

3. Counter propose ideas that compliment with other stakeholders

4. Be more innovative in coming up with new business models

5. Better appreciate methods and solutions put forth by others as you are in a position to think clearly

6. Prevent yourself and others from going astray with ideas and suggestions that do not necessarily compliment the business, brand or design

7. Devise better business, branding and design strategies

8. Make your business more resilient