Verbalising your reason of existence must be matched with concepts simple enough for people to understand - yet endearing enough for people to remember.

Do I have a problem?

The perception of a brand having the only solution to the customer's problem is not enough. The ultimate goal is to acknowledge that some 

customers used to think they are comfortable with what they have, but now they have an itch because you offered - and thus a desire is born.

Insider's knowledge.

No one understands your business better than you do, not even the consultant or designer. Although consultants are neutral parties,

owners balance ideals with practicalities. if you are the owner or CEO, the more you should get involved.

What's your store?

Overwhelmed by the buzzword "innovation"? Practically everything can be improved, from service, crew, product design... to the name card.
But where do you start and why? 

A new brand or revitalised business concept could be a combination of your passion and dreams (monetary gains aside), because a business with authenticity, clarity and passion last longer.

Marriage and courtship

Many people swear that marriage is the death of romance. The best thing about being in business is getting to chase while enjoying the catch. A relationship with your current customer base is fulfilling but 

but courting new demographics is equally satisfying - if you know how to play the game right. If you do not wish to lose current customers, talk to a brand expert.