"Having an idea is great - and if it flows seamlessly across the business, brand and design, you might have a winner."


Jingle Chen is a brand and design consultant based in Singapore. Her experience includes brand and business consultation for companies, and directing a graphic agency for 8 years, where she advises clients on branding projects, guide designers in their creativity workflow and art direct for corporate and commercial photo shoots.

She is also the preferred working partner for noted PR companies looking for an experienced eye.

The passionate award-winning consultant attracts clients from all industries and has forged a reputation for being a problem solver for her clients who range from MNCs to individual start-ups. Her clients include Raffles Hotels & Resorts, GE, Coca Cola, BASF and Unilever. 

Jingle is capable of sharing insights on branding know-how and the implications on managing day to day design activities for your business.

She is also currently the Director of Brand and Design in The Brand Fellows Pte Ltd and an avid photographer. On a lighter note, she writes for her blog on lifestyle topics and events.

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British Chambers of Commerce - Young Professional of The Year 2013


Singapore Outstanding  Enterprise Award 2013 (ACG)


Antalis Conqueror Award Best Design 2011/2012 (ACG)